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2 Mega Pixel WiFi Doorbell Camera with Built in Recording


Did You Know?

Most video doorbells in the market include just a 30-day trial for video recording. After the trial, users pay for storage by registering a credit card in their account. The more devices and storage used, the more the homeowners pay!


Here's OUR solution..

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Why Choose BTG Video Doorbell?

The BTG Video Doorbell is a self-recording doorbell camera that features self-managing internal video storage so users can get the ability to monitor and playback video recordings without signing up for a plan and pay for monthly storage fees!

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Save on Cost by Paying NO COST!

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An Exclusive and Improved Camera

The BTG Video Doorbell features an exclusive camera that allows users to look left to right using touch controls!

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Check Who's At The Door

The BTG Video Doorbell features two-way audio with a built-in microphone and speakers that allow the user to exchange dialog with the person at the door. It also features instant snapshots and recording into the phone, with easily identifiable marks for activities for quick playback.

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Easy Wi-Fi Set-Up

Set-up is quick and easy. Just power devices in the same Wi-Fi network and let the BTG IOT app do all the work!

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Monitor Multiple Devices on One App - NO HUB NEEDED!

Combine the BTG Video Doorbell with other BTG devices such as the Wi-Fi Mini Camera and Wi-Fi Floodlight camera

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Push Notifications

Get instant push notifications or even a phone call when there's a person in front of the camera or rings the doorbell. 

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Wi-Fi Doorbell Chime Also Available

With over 50 built-in tones to choose from, the BTG Wi-Fi Door Chime allows the BTG Video Doorbell to produce sound much like a conventional doorbell.

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